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iCue Actions duplicate, overwrite, unbind, non persistent Event Types


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This effects atleast the current 3.35.152 and 1-2 prior release versions of iCue (for me at least, specs in profile). Did not use versions prior to Summer 2020.



I bought a Scimitar Elite and x95 this summer to replace broken Logitech junk.

Everything works but iCue.. well its better than Logitech Hub I guess.


Firmware didnt update right, reset, everythings good to go.

Setup some shiney RGB layers oOo.

Learned the difference between the white icon and the black sdcard icon meaning hw/sw profile (lol).


Ok lets setup some Macros. This is where the trouble stems from.

Add an action, Insert New Event.

Weird the check boxes always default to delays and keyboard events.

And even if I select different check boxes, a new event always begins as a Delayed Event...


Whatever, I select Keyboard events & Keystroke from the drop down menus, press the key (any key, tested all), click Yes.


I select it in Actions and assign it to one of the G keys (or any) on the x95 or any mouse button.


Now if I quit iCue, force close iCue, reboot, next time I open it, it will still be there!




If I edit the event, the Select Event automatically defaults back to Delayed Event. This is the problem. If I save here, the next time iCue runs, it will either:


Duplicate it self in Actions. (Will have the same name often no "1" at the end, depends how many times it duplicates itself)

Overwrite other macros in Actions (!)

Will duplicate unaffected actions and/or overwrite other actions with these duplicates.


This will also happen using the Copy Action on any correctly saved Macro.

The action is copied but I believe it is set as a Delay Event.


If I close iCue before individually resaving every event in the macro as a Keyboard/mouse/mouse/mouse movement event (as it was in the original action I copied) from the NON PERSISTANT DROP DOWN MENUS, this bug will happen.


So in the last 5 months every single time I've rebooted I had to spend the next 15-30 minutes deleting all the duplicate Actions, assess which Actions are missing when they were overwritten by the duplicates, find out which Actions were just unassigned from their key, and remake the destroyed Actions. Exhausting.


Wrote this up after 5 months of googling every weird trick I could find for this software. Finally I reset the keyboard and mouse, uninstalled drivers, software, settings, reboots, etc. I import the profile I had saved and the problem persisted. I uninstalled everything again, and began a new, one Action at a time until I stumbled upon the correlation.


P.S. Imagine the Actions filter search didn't clear every time you bound an action to a key. Just keep the filter until I delete the text? It would make binding Actions with similar names to keys so much faster. Example, in my list of 40 actions I have to filter the "Warrior" to set a new key layout, showing me actions of "Warrior leap" "Warrior smash" "Warrior pots" "Warrior buffs", but this is cleared every time you bind a key WHY now I type the filter again over over over the repetition I'm dizzy thank you for the read hope the software continues to improve.


P.P.S Imagine having a picture of the hardware keys and on each key was a simple label of what Action was assigned to it. No lists to search through, no double checking. Imagine knowing what Actions were assigned to any key at a glance. You could see what button is assigned where without scanning through 40 Action keys! It is what it is.


P.P.P.S iCue space & dashboard are garbage.

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