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[K95] Text actions don't support non-breaking spaces


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I'm using a K95 RGB Platinum. I type a lot of things that use symbols that aren't on a normal keyboard, like 120 kΩ and j2𝜋f and 26.8° and ±0.01 % and ΔV ≤ 100 mV, and it is convenient to use a macro keyboard and setup text actions that type these symbols instead of using Alt codes all the time.


I'm trying to bind a key to type a non-breaking space (NBSP) for convenience. This is used in technical writing for separating values and unit symbols, and for digit grouping, to comply with various style guides. Non-breaking spaces are required in these situations to prevent things like numbers that uses spaces for digit grouping from being split between lines (yes usually LaTeX is used, in which you can just type ~ to get a non-breaking space, but not always).


However, it seems that iCUE cannot be used to insert non-breaking spaces as a text action, because any non-breaking spaces that are typed into the box are instantly converted to normal spaces. Presumably there's some kind of input filtering on the text box which involves replacing unusual whitespace characters like the NBSP with normal spaces.


If you want to test this, you can check the unicode output of characters using this website: https://www.babelstone.co.uk/Unicode/whatisit.html


If you type in a normal space, you get:

U+0020 : SPACE [sP]


And if you enter a non-breaking space into the website (which you can do by holding ALT and typing 255 on the numpad, standard number row won't work), you get:



However, if you set up a keybind in iCUE as a text action, and type a non-breaking space as the text for it to use (you can use the Alt code, or you can copy-paste one in, doesn't matter), a normal space gets entered into the box instead (you can copy-paste it back out to babelstone to check it using Chrome; Firefox will replace any NBSPs with normal spaces if you paste text into it). The key will also output a normal space, not a non-breaking space.


Right now I have set up the keybind as a macro action that types ALT + 255 as a workaround. However, this isn't as robust since Alt codes don't work in all programs (Inkscape for example, and others), which is why text actions are preferred. Having a key to type an NBSP is a lot more convenient than typing ALT+255 every time, so I wish the iCUE software would not replace non-breaking spaces with normal spaces in text actions.

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