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iCUE software crashes when K95P keyboard is unplugged and replugged


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My current setup involves a peripheral sharing switch between my gaming rig and my work laptop. With the iCUE software running on my gaming rig, whenever I switch my peripherals over to my work laptop, either the K95P firmware or the iCUE software or both crashes. The symptom I'm seeing when switching over to my work laptop is that the keyboard RGB loads one of the HW profiles but the profile switching button doesn't work to cycle through profiles. When I switch back to my gaming rig, all the LEDs on the K95P turn red and become unresponsive to any changes in the iCUE software. The software even shows that all LEDs are red, regardless of what changes I make.


In order to fix this, I found that I have to

1. Quit iCUE (from the system tray)

2. Restart it


At this point, full functionality is restored. I have eliminated the peripheral sharing switch from the equation by plugging the K95P directly into my gaming rig and testing the unplug/replug while iCUE is running and upon replugging the keyboard, all LEDs do in fact turn red and iCUE requires a restart(not the service). I believe there may be an issue with both the iCUE software AND the firmware that doesn't handle disconnection of the keyboard properly.


Something like this could probably be fixed my utilizing some sort of watchdog timer in the firmware to attempt resetting the connection to iCUE whenever the keyboard gets disconnected.

Note that if I just don't run iCUE and only use the HW profiles, switching back and forth between machines works just fine and the profile cycling button works on both machines.


My iCUE version is 3.35.152

My firmware version is 3.21.28

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