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iCue crashes Windows


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I seem to have a weird issue, basically what seems random (cannot really replicate 100% - based on this morning crash) but after a while of iCue running my laptop crashes and I cannot do anything (cannot even shutdown).


I have been thinking that it may have to do with locking the PC as this was a way I could replicate it every time - basically boot up, lock PC, wait about 15 minutes & try login, but:

- I am unable to login with Fingerprint

- I am unable to shutdown from login screen (gets stuck on "Shutting Down" screen)

- I am able to log in with my password though

- But actually unable to do anything really - I can bring apps that were open to the front, but for example opening a new chrome tab would not work

- Trying to shutdown from within Windows after logging in - does not work



It has crashed once so badly Windows could not repair and I needed to format the laptop. Again this morning it crashed, but luckily it managed to repair and boot back into Windows.


I cannot see any errors in Event Viewer

Lots of warnings in the iCue logs but no errors that I saw


iCue version: 3.35.152


Using iCue to program G Keys on the K55.

- Keyboard Firmware: 30.08



FYI: Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9570



I have sent multiple mails to Corsair Support, but only got 1 initial mail - this mail basically told me to uninstall, etc. which I did before I sent the mails.



I honestly am not sure what else to try as lost quite a bit of work thanks to the previous crash.


Any one have ideas?


Or even is there a way to not use the iCue software but to program the G Keys - using Text (i.e. I don't want to record a Macro but want a short paragraph of text programed to a K Key - and 1 of the keys to open the Calculator)

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Not sure if this is exactly the same as I'm not using a laptop. But after every update of the iCue software it will crash directly upon start for me. The solution I have found that works for me every time is to go into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\plugins" and remove the folder LenovoY750s. After this iCue is working fine again.


I can reproduce the problem by putting the LenovoY750s folder back.

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Thanks @Balm73, tried, unfortunately did not help me (have just deleted all Plugins - also unchecked Enable plugins in Settings menu).


Corsair Support also got back to me earlier suggesting I uninstall everything and install an older version (3.27.68) - unfortunately this also did not work.


However I did try and "End Task" all the Corsair processes in Task Manager when it happened now and nothing happened with any of them until I got to the "CueLLAccessService.exe" - as soon as I clicked "End Task" on this one the laptop started working again (did not pay attention to Memory usage but CPU was at 0 for this one)

- I have replied to Corsair Support with above, hopefully helps them find the issue



Side Note: The latest replications have happened 30 minutes after booting up and while busy working (about 30 min on the dot it dies)

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Since last post I actually ended up disabling the 3 Corsair services & have not had the issue since


Not sure what each one is for, but for my needs it doesn't seem like I need any of them


The services I disabled:

- CorsairGamingAudioConfig

- CorsairLLAService

- CorsairService


The CorsairLLAService was the issue service, but as it doesn't seem like i need the others I would rather free up CPU & Memory

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I am having the same issue for a few months. I always thougt, it was the graphics driver or somithing, but today I had this freeze and closed tasks one after another and as i closed icue, that freeze dissapeared. So its definetly caused by one of icues services.
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