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I am new to the forum and i have a few questiosn about a Lian Li setup.

I am going to be using an aio cappelix 360mm and 7 QL 120 fans


I think i have 2 working solutions but i am not sure


Sorry for my horrible editing skills, I took images online and reworked them with very limited editing skills


1) https://ibb.co/SfCCV09


Here i am assuming that its okay to use 1 ARGB splitter on the

commander core so i can connect all my QL fans. I am aware that both

fans on the splitter will be adressed at the same time.


I am also assuming that the Cappelix fans can be connected to a Lighting

node core.


2) https://ibb.co/R46s8FN


Here I am assuming I need 2 lighting cores if I can't use a ARGB splitter

cause I think you can only connect one type of fans to a lighting core



If the capellix fans can only be adressed through the commander core i would need to connect all the QL fans to 1 or 2 lighting cores and I wouldnt need to worry about the led channcels on the commander pro cause the second led channel only becomes unavailable on the lighting node pro when connecting 6 QL fans to one lighting core


Does this all make sense ? Or did i overlook things ?


Thx in advance

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So 10 fans in total (3 ML-Elite + 7 QL)? With the Elite coolers you must power the fans through other means and there is not a fan controller on the pump directly like with prior AIO units. That is going to mean 2 lighting controllers and 1-2 fan controllers depending on preference.


1) You must use the Commander Core that comes with the Elite. It's not optional and has a proprietary connector for the pump to communicate with the system via the Com Core. No Commander core, no pump power. However, since it has both 6 PWM fan headers and 6 RGB headers, this is going to be a useful piece of hardware. It also likely makes using a Commander Pro unnecessary.


2) You can get away with 7 QL on one RGB controller using a specialized RGB splitter. You'll need to get this through 3rd party sellers. However, I suggest using one of the Lighting Node Core devices for this purpose. If you are going to have to go over the normal 5v limit for the device, it's better it's not on the Com Core that also has the pump LED 5v power to handle. The Com Core is a critical device for the cooler to function, so I recommend minimal risk set-ups for it. This also leaves the 3 ML-Elite for the Commander Core RGB ports and the mixed fan type issue is solved -- QL on the LNC, ML-E on the Com Core.


3) Fan speed control - You could use a Commander Pro just to handle a few extra fans, but it's not the most economical solution in terms of cost or space. Most people with 10 fans or more are going to need a way to offload some of the fan motor current to other devices. This is most easily done with a small PWM hub that is SATA powered and has one control lead back to the Commander Core. These typically sell for $10-20 USD and vary from supporting 4-10 fans. You could do one with the top and rear exhaust fans (using 1 PWM header) then split the remaining 6 case fans among the 5 remaining PWM ports (1 normal PWM splitter). You could also set up a second for the 3 radiator fans or 3 bottom intake fans, none of which you are likely to run at different speeds within their group of 3.

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