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Lost Performance and Notifications tabs for LL120 fans on Commander Pro


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Hey all,


So, I've had this issue for a little while, and I'm not sure what the reason behind my issue is. I no longer am able to change the performance for any of my 5 LL120 fans connected to my Commander Pro in the 500D case.


I'd previously installed HWinfo but I'd uninstalled it and even reset my PC just in case there was a driver hanging around somewhere. I've installed iCue before anything else (I used to have MSI Afterburner, ASUS AURA, Dragon Center for Mystic Light, Razer Chroma, AMD Wraith Prism RGB control software) but none of those are installed.


Commander Pro is set up all ok, I did a double-check with a few YouTube videos to make sure and did some searching to find other people with the same issue, but I just haven't really been able to find a solution.


I've attached a screenshot just in case Snip.thumb.PNG.50d77b5155332ca164ed882dbc1971e5.PNG, but I'm a little bit stumped. Normally a program clashes with iCue to remove the performance functions, but I've reset my PC and removed all programs. I'm not really sure what to do next.


If anyone knows anything else about this issue and can help, that'd be ace.



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