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Are UPS with simulated sine wave compatible with Corsair CV650


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It seems that any PSU with APFC (automatic power factor correction) is not compatible with simulated sine wave UPS (the majority of afordable UPS).

Can you confirm that the Corsair CV 650 does not incorporate an APFC circuitry?


I have heard that some Corsair PSU do have APFC


All Corsair PSUs have APFC.


All quality PSUs have APFC.


In some countries, APFC is actually a requirement.


Your information that PSUs with APFC are incompatible with simulated sine wave UPSs is completely wrong. At the very least, out dated.


Trust me.

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  • Corsair Employees
There are quite a few scaring advices against simulated sine wave and PSUs with APFC


for example: https://www.akshatblog.com/use-only-pure-sine-wave-ups-with-psu-having-active-pfc/


99% of PSUs have APFC.


99% of consumers using UPS's are using simulated sine wave UPSs.


Note in the comment section:


shivkumar patil

Nov 6, 2016

Hi akshat

I have one question, can I use corsair cs450 psu with intex 725 ups… IS it safe or will it create problems in future..


Akshat Verma

Nov 6, 2016

I think you should be fine with it.


The idea that APFC PSUs don't work with simulated sine wave UPSs come down to very few factors that do not apply to you.


1. Cheap PSU with hardly any hold up time. The PSU can't stay "live" during the switch over time.


2. Cheap PSU that is "230V only". If the output power does not maintain 190V+ during the switch over time, the PSU shuts off.


3. Cheap PSUs that have inferior PFC circuits.


The irony is, people that buy cheap PSUs because they are cheap, will actually have to spend more on a pure sine UPS to keep it up during power outages than if they had just bought a quality PSU in the first place.

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