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Corsair 680x Lighting Setup Help


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Going to be upgrading from a 460x to a 680x soon as really like the idea of dual compartment for easy upgrading and cable management.


I'll be going from 4 LL120 fans to 8 LL120 fans and need some help with setup.


I have a Commander Pro and I will have 2 lighting node pros - 6 fans will go into the Commander and 2 into my H100 AIO so all good there. RGB will be split across the 2 lighting node pros.


Currently I have one lightning node pro going into 1 RGB channel of the commander and I have a RGB gpu bracket plugged into (via nifty adapter I got on eBay) plugged into the other RGB channel as a lighting strip and it works great.


So my issue is for the new setup I'm down one RGB channel on the Commander... is there a way for me to join the 2 lightning node pros as one channel... ie. Can i plug the RGB header into an empty slot on 1 pro and connect that pro to the Commander?



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Are you confusing a Lighting Node Pro with an RGB Fan LED Hub? The Hub connects to the lighting channel on the CoPro, the LNP will connect via USB and has 2 lighting channels (just like the Commander Pro).


Now ... if you have 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs and you want to sync the RGB between them, you can use a Fan Hub splitter - 4 fans on each and they will be identical. If, however, you use the fan hubs on separate channels, they will be separate channels; you won't be able to combine them.

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You're right, think i'm talking about the Hub and not the LNP... so many similar looking little black boxes! Is the fan hub splitter an official Corsair product, or aftermarket?


EDIT - so double checked my LL120 3 pack box and actually have: 1 CoPro, 1 LNP and 2 RGB hubs


So... 4 fans in each hub, both connected to the LNP on one channel each. That will leave 2 channels on the CoPro. 6 fans on CoPro and 2 on H100.


Sound about right?


EDIT 2 - Actually... there's already a LNP in the case as well.. so make that 2 LNPs... So yeah, I think I'm covered!

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