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Lost all devices except one after updates


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Windows 10 (latest update)


Gigabyte G7 gaming Motherboard (firmware updated today)

Nvidia 1060 6GB GPU (latest firmware)

Intel i7-6700 CPU @ 3.4Ghz

Corsair HX750i PSU

Corsair Commander Pro

Corsair 6x LL fans all around

Corsair LED HUB

Corsair Case

Corsair H100i Liquid CPU Cooler


To note: I have followed every post I could find semi-relating to the subject, but have only regressed further in troubleshooting.


I updated my PC after a year of being in storage while I was away on business. It was already Windows 10, but a ton of service packs and etc. Additionally, I updated the Corsair iCUE. All products were listed and were running fine, except that I could not stop my fans from being 100% on, which was odd. After the update, I restarted and lost my entire product range from being listed in iCUE, with the exception of the Lighting Node Pro.


I conducted a fresh install of the iCUE software, restarted my computer between the uninstall and the fresh install. I ensured that every single driver was updated. When that failed to work, I uninstalled all the USB drivers, restarted, and forced a download of each. I have played with almost every option that I can think of.


I ensured that no other software was installed that I would think could be hindering these items from showing up. The LEDs on the CPU liquid cooler and the fans are all lit up, but I cannot control them. I have checked all connected to each other and the motherboard. It happened after an update and a restart without any physical contact with the PC, so I know it is not a hardware-driven issue.


Now, after another restart, the LED strips are no longer working. It still shows the lighting node pro, but I cannot control anything.


I have included as much information as I can fathom and the logs and screenshots.


Could a BIOS update have taken out each of the controllers? I tried to revert back to an older BIOS, but that did not have any effect.


Thank you in advance!



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