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Icue not showing speed fan for Corsair H100i platinum SE


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Hi, my system is fine, as you can see (in attached image) in icue, the fans of my cooler working fine ( see commander pro section)

This is a new Pc, all versions are up to date.

My 3-pin cable is plugged in the 4-pin CPU-FAN of my motherboard ASUSZ490-E.


I have some questions :


1 ) why in the section H100i, the fans showing 0 RPM ? It seems that icue can associate the pump, but not the fans


2) the speed of the Fans as you can see in the ASUStek section is around 4300 RPM , but in fact the fans are about 1000 RPM. So i think the value is not correct !


3) All my systeme cooling system is doing fine, but does someone can help to understand this ?


Excuse my poor english !



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1) If you connected the fans to Commander Pro and not to the fan controller on the H100i Platinum, then it will read zero rpm. Nothing is connected there. I would suggest moving the two radiator fans from the Commander back to the AIO controller for general safety readings. While not a real threat in a water system (unlike air coolers), the fans will always do what they need to when on the Platinum controller, software running or not, in the BIOS or not. If you power them from the Commander, you will need the software running for them to make active changes or rig up a temp probe to the radiator exhaust to mimic the coolant temp. It's a lot easier simply to use the AIO controller. It will be adjustable in CUE, but from the AIO panel instead of the Commander. It also frees up more Commander headers for something else.


2) That's the raw pump speed. A pump does not turn exactly like a fan and most pumps have a mathematical divider to change that number back into the RPM we expect. The divider for Corsair pumps is 2. 1/2 of the BIOS value should match what is reported in CUE.

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