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Corsair Void Elite Stereo microphone not working properly on PC

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I received this headsets on Monday and i don't know how to make the mic work on PC, it only does something when i blow at it. I tested it on other devices and works fine. I have all the realtek drivers updated and nothing. I have it conected to the pc using the "Y" adapter that comes in the box. Don't know what can be wrong.
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Since the headset is a stereo model, make sure your sound card is set as your default recording and communications device in sound settings and your voice chat programs. You can also check using Windows Voice recorder. Is the headset plugged into your front IO panel or back of the motherboard?
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I was in the same boat, until I had gone to sounds (through right clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right). Go to recording and find the active mic. And click on properties. To the advanced and change the default format.


I am not so sure who had made that error, but it is actually fixable by lowering the default format. Because the format was unsupported that either the headphones or windows had selected.

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