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What parts do i need to buy for GPU watercooling with XG7 RGB 20-SERIES (2080 TI FE)

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Hi everyone.

kind of noob on watercooling.:laughing:


I'd like to watercool my 2080 ti and my go for is XG7 RGB 20-SERIES (2080 TI FE)

Now, i first wanted to go with aio like "alphacool eiswolf 2 aio" but I keep thinking it would be better for if in the next future i would like to upgrade with cpu waterthing too to go with something more "upgradable".


I'm looking for some one who can tell me what do i need to buy in add of that XG7 RGB 20-SERIES (2080 TI FE) to complete my gpu loop please.


My actual config:

Case fractal meshify S2

CPU rysen 3700x

GPU Gigabyte RTX 2080 ti windforce oc 11g. Rev 1 (GV-N208TWF3OC-11GC)


By the way, the rgb on zhe waterblock choseen is enought for me, don't need extra RGB on fans. ::pirate::




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you need a pump/reservoir and a radiator. that's the bare minimum (with tubing and fittings of course).

you can go there and try your hand at the configurator to see how it would go :



that said, the configurator tells me there's no block compatible with your GPU.. Maybe someone from Corsair could check that.. just to be sure

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