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Improve corsair nexus plz


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I have three complaints.

The first is the quality of the display. If change the angle, I can't see screen well. Of course, this is already a famous fact, so there's no need to mention more.


Second, It's about monitoring.

I use the wireless mouse and wireless headset of the Corsair.




I don't need the LED Link and Sidetone option.

However, all options are fixed and cannot be edited.

I want to see all the wireless products' batteries in one screen, and I want to collect only the necessary options.

To view the battery of other products because they can't edit this screen shall be moved.

Therefore, small screens seem to be more useless.

Please make can edit all of the menus, and make it possible to collect the menus from various mice, headset, etc on one screen!



Third, I understand that NEXUS becomes a commander just like the meaning of the name.

However, I want to use NEXUS like ELGATO Deck or Macro Key on K95 keyboard.

Therefore, I want a screen that includes Profile.

Request individual screen options based on profile.

ex, I want to automatically show only the screen for the game when I play the game.


Even if it is not an individual screen for each profile, please allow it to be moved automatically among active screens when the profile changes. (This is much better.)


Someone wants Nexus to reign over all profiles, and I want Nexus to be located below the profile. Therefore, please provide two options.

This makes it worth buying NEXUS.


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