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Ridiculous ping on my replacement board


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There were problems with my old k70 so I have to send it back after I have received my replacement board. But the replacement board was pretty much unusable there is a very noticeable high pitch metallic resonance ping whenever I press a key, I also have a misophonia disorder which probably doesn't help.


I have received the new replacement board on the 17th so I must send the old faulty one back by the 27th. Can I extend that time until a solution can be found? Since I rather use the old broken one than this new one with the ping noise.


I have contacted corsair support about a week ago but still no response, I bet they are just trying to wait out the 10 days and make me pay for the replacement keyboard.


Anyone else had to deal with this before, what can I do here.


Here is a clip of the new keyboard with the ping noise


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