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HS75 XB Buzzing & Drops

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Purchased my HS75 XB direct from Corsair and running into a couple of problems.



1. A faint audible buzz is heard in the left ear cup when in use on the Xbox Series X OR PC.


2. After 1 day of use the headset keeps disconnecting and reconnecting from my Xbox Series X making it unusable.


Things I have tried:

1. Updating the firmware via iCUE - headset shows firmware as up to date and not needing action


2. Adjust power settings on my PC (per a request from support) to eliminate the buzzing in left ear cup. Problem still remains


3. Disconnect all Xbox controllers from the console - buzzing and disconnects still happen


4. Disconnect and re-pair the headset to the Xbox Series X - buzzing and disconnects still happen


Last point, on the Xbox I have been using my Xbox Elite Series 2 controller however, as mentioned above I have turned it off to see if it was causing interference but even in doing so the problem remains.


If anyone can help that would be awesome as I really do like the sound (when it works) that comes from this set and would hate to have to process a return.

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Do you have any other wireless equipment in close proximity to your Xbox? Either a router or your PC? If so, try moving them away from the Xbox and see if this improves connectivity. Is the buzzing apparent when there is sound playing or only when there is no audio?
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