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Icue dont find watercooler


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I have allmost had it with Corsair products.

I currently has built my ecosystem around Corsair products.

Keyboard, Mouse, headset, Ram, watercooler,PSU and on the way a 500 SE case and a new 850i.

But i have had some troubles with the products that is so aggrevating that i am about to sell this and go as far away from Corsair as possible.

The Mouse (Ironclaw wireless RGB) has been out of sync 2 times in a week.

Headset could not be found in ICUE, but it solved itself after i used the headset until the battery drained completely. Now the watercooler (H115i RGB platinum) cant be found, or when it find it, its not responding, also it keeps on making the usb-disconnect sound.


I have tried to uninstall ICUE and reinstall it again without any success.

I need advice since Black friday is coming and if there is no quickfix to this i will buy new stuff from other vendors..

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