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SF600 compatible with Sapphire 6800 GPU?


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Built an ITX system with temporary GT1030 GPU which was running fine. Swapped it with Sapphire 6800 and now all my DX10/11/12 games crash to desktop with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG even after clean install of Windows 10x64 20H2 or 2004. Funny thing is Vulkan and DX9 games seem to be fine along with normal desktop use. Vulkan game Doom Eternal runs fine at 1080p Ultra Nightmare settings pulling ~350W according to wall watt meter while DX11 game is only pulling about 130W when it crashes to desktop. DX games still crash even disabling CPU core boost with the system drawing only ~85W full CPU load (no GPU load) otherwise draw is ~135W with CPU boost. Would think it's well under PSU capacity. Am I running into a weird power supply incompatibility with 6800 GPU? Trying to locate a SF750 to try but they're hard to find right now.


System configuration:

Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2 or 2004

AMD 3800XT with or without CPU boost to limit clock to base 3.9GHz, temps ok at 60C full CPU load no boost and 80C with CPU boost

Wraith Prism CPU cooler

Asus ROG Strix B550-I Gaming mobo (tried latest 1202 BIOS and pre-Zen 3 BIOS 1004)

Sapphire 6800 GPU (no difference if setting slot to PCIe 3.0 in BIOS)

Crucial Ballistix DDR4-3600 32GB 16GBx2 (tried disabling XMP)

Samsung EVO 970+ 2TB NVMe

Cooler Master NR200P with two top 120mm fans

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I'm afraid that has nothing to do with the power supply.


Didn't think so either but AMD guy on reddit said SF600 doesn't meet minimum requirements. Anyhow, tried new SF750 and same issue. Had a feeling it's driver issue but hard to imagine AMD shipped broken drivers. Guess all the reviewers lucked out and got earlier non-broken drivers. Need to track that version down to test.

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First build on R5 3400G.. no issues at all. installing Adrenalin drivers.. BSOD..

AMD and ATI before that have been notorious for having broken drivers. It's a plague that they are still struggling to this day to get rid of. I'd suspect that before blaming the PSU.

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I have a 3600 built on a Gigabyte B550 ITX with a Nitro+6800 card. Under gaming loads I am peaking at under 400 watts from the wall. Typically closer to 350.


GPU recommendations tend to be high as they do not know the quality of PSU you will be using. An SF600 should be okay.


As for the "driver issues", I never had any with my 5700X that I got at launch and have had none with this card either. Nor any of the dozens on 5700 series cards in stalled for friends and family.

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Exact same system works fine with reference 6900xt so that rules out the SF600 and the rest of the system. AMD dropped another driver 1/21/2021 so I'll have to give that a try with the 6800. Every driver prior has had the same issue with the 6800.
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