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500D SE RGB Commander pro not controlling fans


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So i've this case, I noticed my LL120 fans, 3 that comes with the case plus 1 i bought extra are not going past 750 rpm, i tried to set the profiles to extreme on icue commander pro but they simply wont change, they stick to 750rpm


I've plugged the commander pro to my motherboard usb header and my h115i rgb platinum to commander pro usb passthrough, since i can control my h115i, i can rule out issues with the usb connection from commander pro to my mobo.


any help?


EDIT: I reinstalled the entire icue software, and now my fans are going full speed, about 1600-1700, yet i cannot reduce that, selecting quiet/balance or setting a fixed speed on a custom profile does nothing! while i want to run at full speed for i live in a hot place, i'd like some control over it...

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