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Sync music RGB effect on K57?


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Hi, I'm new to this RGB world (I'm already getting a new PC with RGB all over the place). Today I got a K57 for my birthday, and so far so good. The RGB is very good.


There's a negative side though. I wanted to configure RGB to sync with any music playing, and now I see that's not possible unless I use a specific Corsair headset. Even with that, I wouldn't be able to sync music on my speakers with the keyboard's RGB, if I understood correctly.


I've checked Corsair Effects Engine, but I doesn't seem to support my model.


I've checked Peripheral FX, but no idea how to use it, or even if I can do anything with it.


I've read about Steam Wallpaper Engine. Now, I don't care at all spending 4 bucks on that, but I have a few doubts about it:


- Is it fully compatible with my device?

- Can I use music sync effect when playing from any app/source?

- If yes, how exactly, do I need Steam and SWE opened all the time? Minimized? As a service?


In short, is there a way at all to use that music effect with my K57 without spending a lot?


Thanks in advance!!

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