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K100 and MMO mouse. I Have a dream!


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I created this account just to give you some feedback on what i am looking for and what could also maybe give you a piece (or all, who knows?) of the market.

What would make me buy all things corsair regarding mouse and keyboard. When i look for products i dont really mind the price to much as when i want something, i want the best. Since with the time im spendning in front of the computer its worth it if it fits my requirements.


I love the look and the overall design of the keyboard, but i feel its missing for me 2 key components.

What i feel is missing on the keyboard is the option of being silent. There are alot of people out there who hate the sound of all the clicks but still want the keyboard.


There is to little "real" silent options out (that is actually pretty quiet). And there should definetly be ones on the high end products. As people who want specific things are usually prepared to pay for it.


I myself have a GF that would kill me if i had a to loud keyboard and i dont like the sound either. (There are also people with kids, office enviroment, etc etc.) I want to game without getting annoyed or annoying others. And dont you just hate it when your on discord or another talking program with someone and you hear their clickity clicks *AAAAAAHHH!* :P

And besides you already have the silent switches but your not using it.

Or my dream, optical silent switches with silent modded keyboard (OMG!!!!!! *throws money at you*)


And secondly a similar function to "hypershift" lets call it "MultiKey" for now (I dont know how else to describe it) that works on mouse and keyboard. By holding it or toggling it, you can activate a full new set of buttons or macros on the same buttons. Effectivly making the MMO mouse going from 12 to 24 keybinds. This especially for the MMO mouse but it needs to be activated (for me anyway) on the bottom left side of the keyboard. So the function either needs its own button or just customizable buttons to set it wherever the user wants.


Or maybe why not go nuts and make it so you can configure multiple "MultiKey" like 1, 2, 3 to give even more options of keybinds on keyboard and mouse, that you could also configure to be toggled or just held.

For me this would be gold. I could do everything with my mouse. But to access it, i need to have both keyboard and mouse as corsair (selling point).


I think the "MultiKey" option and silent option on high end products would give you an edge that nobody else has. It would also make me buy all things corsair.


So to summ up.


1. Real Silent keyboard.

2. On the fly button command ("MultiKey") to give you more button options


Make my dream come true please :)

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