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Strange RGB Behavior on a Dark Core RGB Pro Mouse


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Replaced my M65 RGB Elite with a Dark Core RGB Pro. The RGB on the mouse is completely functional, having tested it with static colors, custom lighting effects, etc, all on 2.4GHz (not wired or Bluetooth). So the issue is not the mouse.


However, two problems:


1. All of my RGB profiles (both imported and custom made) have some type of preset for the mouse. I started with a Harpoon RGB and then an M65 RGB Elite, and both mice were able to read from the profiles and pull in RGB lighting effects for the mouse. But for some reason, now, absolutely zero have any presets for the mouse if that mouse is a Dark Core RGB Pro. I plugged in both the Harpoon and the M65 and they still work just fine. For some reason, none of the profiles are loading the lighting effects for the mouse. The lighting effects menu is completely empty. Almost as if iCUE doesn't recognize the Dark Core as a mouse, but instead some other peripheral that doesn't have a lighting effect assigned.


2. I use Wallpaper Engine nearly 100% of my non-gaming time. If a wallpaper has an LED function that pushes out to iCUE, the Dark Core actually does light up with the right colors. However, out of the eight total lighting zones, only two light up! For some reason, Wallpaper Engine, through the iCUE SDK, does not push lighting effects to all RGB zones. Specifically, only the logo zone and the scroll zone (the logo and the mouse wheel) light up. There are six accent zones that do not light up at all.


Look I know that it's silly to get this riled up about RGB but damn it, I'm invested in Corsair and I want my stuff to work. What is it about this mouse?! Are these issues related? Am I missing a troubleshooting step?

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