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Cable for RGB Hub to Motherboard

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Hi dear Community,


recently I have built a PC for a friend of mine. We wanted to connect his four LL120 RGB fans to the RGB Hub. Sadly its hard to find what you need besides the RGB hub. The RGB extention cable which is included with the motherboard doesnt have the right connection to plug it into the RGB Hub. His mainboard is the ASUS ROG B550-F Gaming. So my question is: are there any cables available to connect it directly to the motherboard so you dont have to plug it into a lightning node pro? Im pretty sure that corsair doesnt sell these cables.


If somebody can help me with this pls respond. Thanks.


Have a nice day!

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Do you have a controller? (Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro) If not, then that cable isn't going to help.


Four LL fans at full white is around 2.4A. You are not going to find daisy chain cables for that level of current and this is why the RGB hub (power) and Lighting Node Pro (control) exist.


This stuff is hard to find if you acquire it in pieces. The seller of the cable linked above also has other helpful things, depending on what hardware you have to work with.

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You can use an adapter and a fan hub cable (that c-attack linked) to connect the Fan Hub to the motherboard. The motherboard will then provide the RGB data/control signal and the Fan Hub will provide power. If you got a multi pack of fans, you'll have the fan hub and fan hub cable; all you'll need would be the adapter.
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