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Hello together


I have owned a Corsair K95 Platinium keyboard for 3 years and a new high-end PC for 1 week. Now that I have the power to stream, I would like to put some keys to control OBS and OBS scenes on the G-keys. Unfortunately I haven't found a way how to program and assign the G-keys with the corresponding functions.


So I would be glad if someone could give me a detailed instruction for this.


I would like to assign the following functions to the G-keys:


G1 - OBS scene "Stream starting soon

G2. OBS scene "Game Capture"

G3 - OBS scene "Be right back/Pause

G4 - OBS scene "Stream Ending

G5 - Start recording

G6 - Pause or Stop recording


I have no experience with macro programming via iCue and I find the software for this rather complicated.


I would be really happy to get support and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks a lot

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It's pretty sad that for a premium keyboard that costs 250€ there isn't integration with the most common software used by gamer streamers (who are the main target of your product).


I'm forced to return my K95 and buy a rival keyboard, as the K95 isn't worth the price you're asking and cheaper alternatives do the same things for two thirds of the price.

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