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K100 issues

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I bought a k100 from amazon which is currently awaiting return. It developed as issue where certain keys wouldnt work after a few days use. I now have a second one and it is currently awaiting courier pickup from scan as it has the same defect but different keys.

Ive seen nothing online but there is obviously an issue with this keyboard with the optical switches. Its like theyre just not registering.

Ive just realised the apostrophe isnt working as well as other keys on this keyboard.

Its like they just dont exist. I couldnt reset first keyboard as ESC key was one of the affected keys. I could reset this one but it doesnt seem to do anything. Its clearly a fault anyway as this is the second faulty one.

Has anyone else had this issue or is it just me?

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Yeah it's not the software it's a hardware fault. I've had two k100's that exhibit the same fault in different ways. Both have faulty keys but different keys. One of them included the ESC key so couldn't be reset, the other could be reset but still had fault. The software made no difference and even in bios the ESC key didn't work.
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Hey man! Same problem here.. I've purchased my unit last November. The G3 key stops registering after a month of use. I noticed before this, the G3 would randomly registers on its own even without touching the keyboard. I know it registers because my keyboard RGB profile has a lighting effect that would change the LED color of a key when pressed. I first assumed it was just an ICue issue but then after a few minutes, it stopped doing that. Then I checked the key and it isn't registering anymore. RGB effect when pressed won't trigger too.


Have you found any solution to this?

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I also have an issue with the K100. Not quite the same, all my buttons work. But I think mine is haunted. It does really weird stuff to some of my programs.


For example, in excel when you click on a cell it will randomly change the number, or if you try and ctrl C or ctrl V it will minimise the window. In Adobe Acrobat it makes the window jump up and down and is unresponsive. I think the optical keys are activating on their own.


I have raised a ticket with Corsair, but might have to take it back to Scan for a replacement.

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