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H100i rgb pro xt Firmware Update failed


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The same just happened to me! A firmware update failed and now the fans are running at full speed and I can't see the cooler in iCue.


EDIT: I've just raised a support ticket with Corsair and will see what happens.


EDIT2: I did get a reply from Corsair Support recommending that I reinstall iCue...

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Same happened to me. I believe the failed update bricked my cooler. It runs as intended, but the RGB element is completely gone. iCue doesn't show it in the devices anymore, and my PC constantly dings the "Hardware Disconnected" chime every 30 seconds or so.


I've already opened a support ticket with Origin (as I bought my PC from them), but if this is a common issue, which it seems to be, I expect a replacement, not just "help". I didn't pay $5k for a half-***** PC.


Dear God... I've already gone through 3.... THREE Dark Core Pro RGB SE's, don't make me have to add more products to the "horrendously unreliable" list.

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