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hx750i can not be detected within iCUE


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it was working properly in the begining but somehow icue does not detect my PSU now; HX750i through USB.

1- I formatted PC and reinstalled icue , did not worked.

2- I changed ports such as other USB 3.x and Usb 2.0 ports.

3- I changed to another mini USB B cable which I am sure working properly

4- I removed other usb devices from other usb ports (except cable keyboard) and restarted windows ...



still not detecting my PSU .

but it detects lightning node, vengance memory and H100 cpu cooler.

By the way there is the green light under the PSU's USB port when I plug usb cable. Also USBDeview tool detects a USB device when I plug the cable to PC


so what is your suggestion ?

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