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H115i RGB Platinum pump lights not working

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Hi there,


I have purchased the H115i RGB Platinum (and had a replacement) and the LED's on the pump are not working.


The fans and led's on the radiator are working and iQue and see the pump LED's and fan LED's fine.


I have watched countless videos to see if I am connecting everything correct and as far as I can tell I am have everything connected correctly.


The SATA cable I have from the PSU (Gamemax 650w) is a Y cable and there are no extensions.


Tried different USB ports on the motherboard and the USB cable from pump to motherboard has been replaced.


Any advice would be deeply appreciated.




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Usually the first time you boot the pump LEDs should be going rainbow crazy. Did either pump ever light up? Regardless you can override individual settings by using the instant lighting drop down selector to apply a global color. If it can, it will light up.



The SATA cable I have from the PSU (Gamemax 650w) is a Y cable and there are no extensions.


This has me wondering. We've seen some users have difficulty because their PSU does not supply all three voltages on the SATA and/or Molex connectors. You mentioned a "Y connector". Could you elaborate a bit more? It's normal for a PSU to have multiple SATA connectors on a single PSU power cable. Y cable makes me think of a splitter and that is not so common.

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I feel your pain buddy, but I just fixed mine and feel like I can help now. Take a took at the 24 Pin connector that leaves the pump. Look for the wire that is by itself with a space from the other group. If you see any silver on top that means the pin pushed its way out of the connector as you plugged it in. Be careful and unplug the 24 pin from the hub and push just the single wire back in until its seated and reinstall carefully making sure it doesn't come free again. Hopefully this fixes your problem.
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