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Please Help!!asus K8n-e Deluxe Vs Cmx1024-3200c2pt


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Dear Guys,


I want to ask you a question about the CORSAIR MEMORY. I have ASUS K8N-E Deluxe Motherboard and I want to buy a GOOD system memory.. This motherboard have 3 slots. I want 2 GB memory. The only way to have 2 gb memory is to buy 2*1GB memory. On the otherhand I am planing to upgrade my motherboard after 1-2 years (to buy ASUS motherboard with 4 memory slots and Dual-Channel technology) and so If I buy 2*1 GB memory I can use them to make dual-channel in the future and may be I can buy 2*1Gb memory more and make it 4 GB DUAL-Channel in the future.. But the IMPORTANT things is "WHICH memory I should buy not to have any problem with my motherboard... In the motherboard's User Guide there is a part which called DDR QUALIFIED VENTOR LIST.. And in this part there is no 1024 MB memory tested.. So I am confused when I am deciding which will be the correct memory that I will buy.....

AND ALSO the memory's CAS LATENCY should be 2.



So I want you to help me in this part. I want to buy 2 modules of CORSAIR memory which the model numer is CMX1024-3200C2PT. But I dont want to have any problem in the future when I order 2 module of 1 GB CORSAIR. So please tell me that CMX1024-3200C2PT memory is suitable for my MB when I used 2*1 GB of it


To sum Up,


I want you ask you that is the CORSAIR memory suitable for my motherboard, I mean If I buy 2 moduls of CORSAIR 1 GB-latency 2- memory (module part number is below) Will I have any problems between this (CORSAIR)memory and my motherboard(K8N-E Deluxe)???? And a


CORSAIR's module Part Number is " CMX1024-3200C2PT "..


If this 1GB corsair system memory with latency 2 is compatible with my MB which means I will not have any problem with my motherboard (K8N-E Deluxe), I will buy 2 package of this memory to make 2 GB with my motherboard and may be In the future If I buy a new motherboard with 4 slots,then I will buy 2 more the same memory to make 4 GB and dual-channel..


I am in a very bad condition becouse I have to give my order until 29 April 2005.. So I will wait your REPLY and Your HELP.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!



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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, there is no way I can promise that the modules you buy today would be compatible with memory that you can buy in the future. Memory is just to volatile in nature. And we have always advocated you purchase the memory you plan on using and not try to upgrade later. Memory technology just changes to quickly. Not to mention with in 1 year DDR1 may not be in production at all and we may be on to DDR3 or DDR4, but it's too early to tell what will happen. I would suggest you get the modules for the system you are looking at and not worry about the future as the memory and or systems may be totally different next year.

For the MB you have now I would suggest you get either Twinx2048-3200C2 for best performance or for best value I would suggest VS2GBKit400C3.

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Greetings, I am in a simular problem. I have two sticks of Corsair XMS 2 X 512 184 pin ddr 400 pc3200 timing 2-3-3-6 and using these windows opens fine, but when I added a 1GB stick of Corsair XMS 1024-3200C2PT timing 2-3-3-6 CL2 My windows system failed to open with a blue screen. Removing the stick repaired the problem. I am new to these issues and am still learning, I really could use some help with my problem.


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