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K95 RGB Macro not working any more


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I'm seriously upset ... All my Macros on my K95 RGB seem to not work any more. Interestingly enough it seems the assigned Macro key gets recognised. Also assigned Text, stzarting an application and switching profiles as actions works fine. Audio Keys, Timer and Macros do not work any more. The Macros have been working before (I assume an updated killed the functionality). Despite the fact that the macro functions are not called anymore I still get the assigned sound that is played when the key for the macro is pressed. Just the recorded tasks do not get interpreted any more ...


Firmware and iCUE are on latest SW Versions.


Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm having similar problem as the G keys wasn't working anymore. Playing with the iCUE software, I have deleted all profiles and recreated all actions ("Actions" panel) and bind each macro (e.g. copy/paste) to the G keys. Didn't work. Ironically, the G key was able to launch the program (e.g. Calculator) after binding it.


There's another pane "Hardware Actions" so created the same copy/paste macros there and then went to the "Onboard Profiles" to save my changes to the onboard memory in the keyboard. The hardware actions only works when iCUE is not running; so I have terminated iCUE from running in the background and finally the macro keys are working again! Definitely a software issue.

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