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Corsair iCue taskbar icon menu stuck on screen


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Hello all, I just now made an account to ask this because I didn't see anything on google regarding my issue. Whenever I right click the iCUE icon in the taskbar it brings up the sub menu with the options to Bring to foreground, Show iCUE Space, Check for updates, etc.


The first time I open that menu, the image of the menu gets stuck over top of any other window and it behaves as an image, I cannot click any of the options on that "image" and when I right click the icon again it brings the same menu up that I can interact with.


I have performed a complete uninstall and reinstall, only retaining my user settings. Has anyone ran into this issue before? I filled out all of my PC specs upon registering. Thanks!


Edit: Closing the application allows the "image" to go away. Opening it again and right clicking the icon does the same thing with the menu.

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