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Yet another Corsair H115i Pro RGB failed


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This is starting to get really annoying. No Corsair cooler I've purchased has managed to make it past 18 months, with most typically failing at thr 9 month point.


I have a H115i Pro RGB that was sent to me by Corsair as a replacement for another H115i that failed. Now the replacement, which was new, has also failed.


It just doesn't cool at all. Liquid temp is 37 degrees celsius at idle with ambient temp at 27 celsius. If run anything the CPU will shoot up to 80c with the cooler going flat stick.


Does Corsair make any cooling products that last? I'm sick of having to rip these out and go through weeks to months a drama every 6 months or so.


If I go through my retailer I won't see a replacement for about 3 months. If I go through Corsair it is quicker, but I have to use advanced RMA process.


Each system has a commander pro, which is why I've stuck with Corsair PSUs and coolers, but this is just insane.


I use 280mm coolers on my mildly overclocked HEDT systems and 240mm coolers on the mainstream systems (9600K etc).


My case won't fit a 360mm cooler.


I don't want RGB. I definitely don't want to use their system killing software iCue. It's full of bugs and doesn't work anyway and last time I installed it I think it was about a gigabyte. I use Corsair Link. It does everything I need and it's 54mb and uses 0.5% cpu.


Do all the current models require iCue or can I continue to use CorsairLink?


I'm really starting to think it's time to jump ship.

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