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Can I fit the H115I to 120mmLL fans in 465X case


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Hello guys. I am using an (almost) full corsair pc build, only thing missing is a good cooling system for my cpu. My build is inside the 465X case. I have 3 rgb 120mm LL fans at the front, 2 at the top and 1 in the back. I really want an H115I bcs that is just the best AIO from corsair if I have to believe the internet


Is it possible to mount the radiator of the H115I to the 120mm fans at the front of my case (so the radiator is in the inside of the case behind the 120mm fans) and than put the 2 140mm on the other side of the radiator. In this way I have a push pull configuration. So first you have the 3 120mm fans, than the radiator mounted on the top 2 of the 3 fans, and than behind the radiator the two 140mm fans that come with the radiator.


Sorry if my english is bad I did my best to make it simple to read.


I would really like a good answer because otherwise I have to buy the H100I but I read everywhere that it does make a bit more noise because of the 120mm fans only.

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you can't mount a 2x140mm rad to two 120mm fans.

If you want to mount it in push pull on the front you'd have to remove the 3 120mm fans and add two 140mm in place. Your case can accomodate either 3x120 or 2x140 there.

Of course it changes a bit the aesthetics of the case.


If you want to use push pull, the noise concerns about the H100i can be put to rest.. you'll be able to run the fans slower compared to just push.

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