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Harpoon RGB Wireless Double Click/Hold Click Issue.


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I've had my Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless for almost a year, and until recently I had a problem where clicks would register twice. This was fixed with a firmware downgrade (Dongle 0.5.49 and Mouse 0.5.64) but I've been noticing a new issue present in the past week or so. The fast double click problem is back, but also holding down the mouse will register 4 or so clicks. This makes moving files across folders, desktop, and moving windows near impossible. I am a coder, so this makes my experience very frustrating.


Does anyone have any solutions to this? Uninstalling/Restarting iCue has not worked for me, and any other firmware change still has the double click issue. This happens on Windows and Mac machines.



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Hi there,

Please follow this thread.

This issue is solved by updating to the latest firmware on the mouse. V 1.11

In the thread above many others like me had this issue which came to an end in October.



Thank you for the response, but this only made the problem worse. I cannot use the mouse now because clicking never does what I want. I have requested a replacement.

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