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troubles with new pc and iCUE


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Hey i just registered here.


I am having troubles too with my new pc and the iCue software.


I am using

- H100i RGB Pro XT

- Vengeance RGB Pro 4x8 gb 3600

- Asus TUF RTX 3080


When first installing the software everything works fine and I was surprised that I even can control the GPU, very nice.

Next day I when I turn on the pc again (note: nothing has changed, no updates, no new installs, no hardware changes) the RAM has a little red warning icon in the iCue software and I can't control it anymore. If I force a firmware update (it's already up to date) it works until the next restart

The GPU is gone now, not even in the list anymore.

Is thing that works is the H100i AIO.


Clean reinstall didn't do anything, still same problem. I have a log now running and I try to post this here.

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