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Need help with icue and commander/lighting/node


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I'm struggling a bit with icue and the whole RGB thing.


At first I bought two SP140 RGB Pro fan (front of my case) and since I'm an idiot I thought i could plug them directly to the motherboard, to the RGB connectors. First mistake.


So after researching I found out that I needed the commander pro. So I ordered one along with the lighting core hub. My fans are plugged on the commander pro and the fans RGB connectors to the hub. So far so good I think.


Commander pro is plugged to the motherboard with the usb connector. The hub is linked to the commander on the first led connector of the commander. My fans are lighting, awesome. Except one but I suspect the LED are already dead. Nevermind.

This looked good so I figured I'd replace the other fans with RGB ones (one on the rear of the case, two for the corsair Hydro X AIO)


I bought a 3 fan pack LL120 RGB including the lighting node and another 6 port node hub. After some time I managed to have the 3 LL120 fans working but my SP140 RGB don't light anymore!


All the fans are plugged on the lighting core hub for the RGB connectors and the 4pins cables on the commander. So I have 5 fans on the hub.


Lighting Node Pro is plugged on the usb port of the commander. All 3 devices are of course sata powered on the motherboard.


I'm wondering, since I have now two 6 ports lighting hub, should i plug the SP140s to one and the LL120s to the other? Is there a problem with having different types of fans on the same hub?


Can i make it more simple? like getting rid of the lightning Node Pro (although i'm expecting led stripes soon they should go to the 2nd LED connector of the commander) ?


I can't figure why my SP140 Fans don't work anymore.


Sorry english is not my first language, I hope someone can give me some insight.



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