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Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with my memory.

I have an ASUS X470 F Mobo with Ryzen 2600 (I plan to upgrade that Processor) and 4 sticks of 8gb corsair 3200 Mhz ram for a total of 32 Mb.

Their exact specs are identical CMR16GX4M2C3200C16.


My problem? I'm sure you already know as it's a frequent one:

Can't run above 2133Mhz wether I enable DOCP, or manually force the frequency to 3200 or a little under. I OC the voltage a little etc...

All to no avail : when I do so, the PC does not post...

THe sitcks are not compatible it seems.

However, two questions guys and gals, if you can help me, or better yet if Corsair can:

1/ Is it really that the sticks aren't compatible with this high end mobo (sticks are'nt listed in QVL)

2/Is there a fix you can recommend if at all possible or am I screwed?

Thanks in advance and long live the PC master race.

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Your issue is going to be twofold. First is the issue with the integrated memory controller on those CPUs having a hard time running memory above 2666mhz with all four DIMM slots populated on the motherboard. The second issue is you are mixing two kits and hoping they work together as a single kit which neither have been validated or guaranteed to do as they are both individual 16GB kits.
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