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i'm the owner of a I164, big money but i paid for tranquility, first time i dont build my one PC because my job is more important wasting my time on eletronic:D:


I had some rare BSOD since april date of delivery but since few weeks i have more and more BSOD, and they happen any time, even just after i had clicked on the shutbown (soft).


I finaly found that my M.2 hardware is overheating, it said 70c max on use and i'm sometime up to 92 just whatching youtube ! same for games something !


look at my screens ! the pc is up to date on drivers windows update.


Only 1 keyboard/mouse/headset and windscreen is connected.


Please help, where a i can see if they are any recall?



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Hello people


Just my RMA (Advanced replacement) completed on the 09/12 and paid the 3500 dollar they took on my account i still have nothing received ' One day replacement' but the worst is coming, i just received an email that the new IONE has been delivery to me :

Has you can see on my screen obvouisly i didnt. Does Corsair SCAM their own customers or a big mistake?




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