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Gigabyte K8NS Pro memory problems


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I've had my Gig. K8NS Pro (running F9 bios, the latest) and 2x256MB Corsair DDR400 XMS running for a few months...other than intermittent referrence memory errors from time to time, it's been ok.

Last night, I tried adding a single 512MB DDR400 Corsair Value Select stick to this configuration and some strange things started to happen.

As soon as I added the 512 Value Select stick, my bios only recognized the total memory as 190 MB!!!

I removed the Value Select stick, leaving the 2x256MB XMS sticks, the recognized memory was back up to 512. I then removed both XMS sticks and installed the single 512 Value Select....bios displayed 512 MB installed memory. Next, I added a single 256MB XMS to the Value Select 512....bios would only recognize 512. I removed the 512 stick, leaving only a single 256 XMS and the bios recognized 256MB. I tried several sticks to slot combinations and no matter what I did, the XMS memory WILL NOT WORK with the Value Select. Moreover, when the XMS sticks where installed with the single 512 Value Select stick, the memory was displayed as 190MB!

As I said, other than getting intermittent memory reference errors (this has been ongoing ever since I installed 2x256 Corsair XMS sticks) the computer has been ok.

To add even more confusion....the last thing I did last night was to pull both Corsair XMS sticks out, and install 1 512 DDR 400 Value Select and 1 256MB DDR400 Value Select...the bios recognized 768MB in total memory...just like it should.

Can anyone shed some light on this???



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Thanks for the info.

I wish Gigabyte would have spelled that out somewhere.


So, as long as I stay with Corsair DDR 400 XMS, I'l be fine....

Can I mix different sizes??? I.E. 256 modules with 512 modules as long as they are XMS DDR 400???

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