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just bought 680 x RGB, having issues with RGB.


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As far as I know everything is set up correctly.


I bought a 4th LL120 for the back.


The lights worked fine at first (during the build when testing) but now they mostly don't come on at all. sometimes I'll get a full fan on, sometimes one or two LeD's, sometimes 2 fans etc (very rarely they all come on)


On top of this, iCUE doesn't change the colours at all.


I removed the 4th fan from the node (as this is when the problems started) and the frnt 3 came back on (probably just by chance though, as I still can't change them in iCUE)


Any ideas what is wrong, please? I have been trying to fix this for the best part of 7 hours now. I have made sure everything is set up like it's supposed to be, and it is. the problems still persist.


I have exhausted troubleshooting now from the inf I've gathered online. hopefully someone here can help, please.

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do you plug the 4th fan on plug #4 of the fan hub?


They have to be plugged in sequence to work.




Yeah, it was on 4. I also tried taking them all out and putting them back in sequence.


I also tried them all in the first one, one at a time.


I'm going to try different cables tomorrow, see if that helps.


I unplugged the 4th one, switched it back on and the 3 in the front came back on, there's a high chance this was just coincidence though. I've not turned it back off again yet, as I'm enjoying the lights for the time being (the reason I bought this case)


also I can't change the lights via the app. it recognises the hub, but it won't let me change the lights.


There's definitely something up, I just have no idea what.

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