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Single stick flicker Vengeance RGB Pro

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So I have had the worst time ever trying to get my new cmw32gx4m2c to sync up to my mystic light software. It literally wouldn't even show up as an option. So I battled with it for a few days by installing/uninstalling iCue and Dragon. FINALLY with both running at startup I get a noise with my RAM that sounds like when you plug in a new USB device. Then it shows up in my Dragon and i'm able to sync it with my Mystic Light. However, if i close iCue when this is happening it automatically kills the RGB sync. ALL of this I could live with even though it's a super pain in the butt. With that being said though now i'm having an issue with one of my sticks flickering with significant CPU load. I can force it to happen by continually opening chrome windows and or closing them really fast. Or when my computer has been on for a bit and resources are higher then it's easier to trigger. One point it was just flickering by itself. I thought I wonder if maybe it's my mobo but I switched the sticks of RAM and now the same one flickers in the different spot. I dunno I wanted to love these but I think i'm just gonna go with G.Skill or something since I don't know what else to do.
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Ok so both are flickering now.. UGH[ame=
[/ame] So I proceeded to kill the iCue software which automatically makes the ram go into random rainbow mode and it stopped flickering so obviously it had to be some interference between the applications or something. Edited by umop3plsdn
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Same problem here, both flashing irregularly. I have no other software running that does anything with lights.


Has anyone found discovered why this is happening?


PS seem to have fixed it for now by force updating the firmware on the sticks in icue

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