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Problem with CMK128GX4M4A2666C16 (V3.44)


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Hello all, I buy CMK128GX4M4A2666C16 (V3.44) for my new configuration Asus crosshair Hero Viii wifi with AMD Ryzen 5800x before buy the RAM I checked the QVL in the Asus web and this pack as i see is compatible, but when i turn on the PC the UEFI don't have problems to recognize it bot it's not possible to install WINDOWS (blue screen all the times) I try to replace the DDR with other removed from other computer and i don't any problem to install Windows.



Please could you help me to know what happen wit this CMK128GX4M4A266C16 kit.


Thanks in advance.

And sorry for my poor english.



Màrius Duran

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According to you motherboard's QVL your memory is not compatible with your motherboard. You state you have V3.44 and they only list V3.40. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't work as you may just need to update your BIOS. You can also try clearing your motherboard CMOS and then booting.
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