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Zen 3 iCUE glitch - Ryzen 5800X Temperature and RAM speed not showing iCUE


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Actually Corsair should remove all that crap system monitoring they force on us. It has ALWAYS been buggy and is unnecessary as we have HWInfo.


Well i don't use iCUE as system monitor as HWInfo offers much more information.

I just want to use the cpu temperatures as sensor for my fans.

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Coolant temperature is a much better sensor to use. CPU will make your fans spin up / down for no real reason.


yes that's right in most cases. I use coolant temp for my aio.

For two case fans i figured out for me and my usecases cpu temp is the better choice. Because i want those fans to be quiete as fast as possible after there is no load on my cpu and temps are under 65 C.

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