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Issue with Commander PRO


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Two days ago I changed my PC case and added 6 LL120s, a Commander PRO and a new HDD. Everything was working fine until this morning: when I pressed the start button, I heard two "click" sounds (power supply relay?) and nothing came on except the lights of the AIO and the RAM.


I did some tests already :

- I tested the PSU alone, it's ok the fan is starting.

- Added the components on the PSU one by one :

* MB + CPU + AIO : OK

* MB + CPU + AIO + GPU : OK

* MB + CPU + AIO + GPU + RGB hub + commander pro : KO

* MB + CPU + AIO + GPU + RGB hub : OK

* MB + CPU + AIO + GPU + commander pro : KO

* MB + CPU + AIO + GPU + commander pro (everything unpluged on it) : KO


So the issue seem to come from the Commander PRO, I don't understand why it react like that... What can I do ?


The 6 LL120s were connected on the Commander (FANS ports 1-6) and the RGB hub was connected to the LED port 1. The Commander is pluged to the MB through the USB cable and to the PSU through the SATA POWER.


Thanks for your help


New parts :

- Case Lian Li O11 Dynamic

- 6 fans Corsair LL120 RGB

- 1 Corsair RGB Hub

- 1 Corsair Commander PRO

- 1 HDD Seagate Ironwolf 4to


The rest of my configuration :

- MB Aorus Elite X570

- CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

- GPU MSI Gaming X trio 3090

- 4x Corsair Vengeance RGB pro 8go 3600MHz

- AIO Corsair H150i

- PSU Corsair RM850x

- SSD Crucial P1 NVMe 500gb

- SSD Aorus NVMe Gen4 500gb

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How many of the SATA powered devices are connected to the same PSU cable? It’s possible the Commander has a short and the PSU is protecting the system. However, more often we see people run into current limits. The HDD will usually try and pull current from all three rails. The RGB from the hub is 5v and you know have 6 fan motors pulling 12v. If they are all the same line, try getting the HDD to a separate cable from the Commander + RGB hub. That is the most logical one to separate since it uses all 3 voltages. If the HDD is not the system boot drive, you should be able to disconnect it.


If it is already on a different psu line, then it could be a short on either the hub or Commander. You should try starting with one or the other disconnected. The AIO may factor into totals as well. It certainly has 12v for fans/pump and potentially 5v for RGB depending on brand/model.

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I had the AIO + the RGB hub + the Commander PRO on the same line and the HDD on another one.

However during my tests I moved the commander pro alone on the other line (keeping only the AIO on the first one) but it doesn't work. It work only if the commander pro is not connected to the PSU, I'm able to connect everything else except it.

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Ok, then that seems clear enough. Contact the vendor for a replacement or Corsair Support if they are being difficult about it.


*Make sure you separate the RGB Lighting Hub and Commander for testing purposes. Each draws it own power, even thought the hub won't actually work without the Commander's controller.

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