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AX1200 Upgrade, Custom Cable Compatibility


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I'm getting ready to rebuild my current system and do a few additional mods as well. Waiting on my Ryzen 5950x, but did snag an EVGA 3080 ftw3 Ultra. With my existing PSU (AX1200) I made all custom cables, both in length and sleeving. I went about making three new cables for this graphics card (3x8pin). However I've noticed that over the last week or so, my Corsair ax1200 power supply is starting to have fan issues. Fan noise is very audible when it used to be almost silent.


Since all of my cables are both custom length, and individually sleeved, what power supplies does Corsair now offer that would work with these older cables / connectors? I looked at the Compatibility Chart, but not looking like there is a match. Need to replace the power supply, but really don't want to go through the process of making every single one of my cables again.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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