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It seems Corsair has rubber grommets for almost ALL their cases except for the Carbide 200R... or at least ones I can find. If you DO have the 3 grommets (the 2 long ones and the one short, fat one) can you provide me with the part number, as it would save me from trying to "roll my own", and with Parkinson's that could become really messy in a hurry.


In the event I have to "Roll my own" what do you to recommend for a material: rubber or neoprene, and how thick?


A final question: Is there a side panel that has either plexiglass or tempered glass that will fit this case or is this again more or less a "Roll your own" process.


This is a GREAT case I already own one which replaced a Chieftec Dragon FULL TOWER case that weighed a TON. I was was so impressed by the Corsair Carbide 200R I decided to go with a second one, but would like to put a mostly glass side panel on it which means closing off those cutouts. If worse comes to worse I'll have to get someone mode the side panel, but I am stumped as to the grommets.


Thanks for any help you could provide me.


The Ship's Cat

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