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Humming sound coming from the CAPELLIX H115i Pump


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Hey Guys,

so I recently decided to switch to an AIO water-cooling system for my CPU, I picked the CAPELLIX 115i. Yesterday the product arrived and in the evening I installed it in my PC. The cooling itself works fine, however I've been experiencing a humming sound coming from the pump, even a quiet mode. When I switch to balanced or extreme mode the humming gets even more noticable. It is not coming from the fans, you can hear the sound even if I turn all fans in my system to 0 rpm. It sounds like this: [ame=

[/ame] I'm using the Commander Core just for the Pump, all of my 6 case fans are connected to my Commander Pro, but I doubt that the sound has anything to do with this. I'd be grateful if someone would be able to help me with this problem, I'm not even sure if the sound is maybe supposed to be like that.
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Well, that is pretty much the sound a high speed electrical pump makes. I don't hear anything unusual in the tone to indicate a problem, so the the question is really about relative loudness. The microphone is always going to give that sound a boost when recording. It's virtually impossible to get around that while its in the case. If you turn off all the fans, you will always hear it. It has to make some noise. However, you should not be able to hear it from 2-3 ft away with any other fans going.


I took mine out of the box and put it on the table next to the PC, then jacked into the Com Core. With it in my hand, I can't hear it over the 6 x 120 fans slowly turning at 750 rpm right above it. Where you sometimes run into an issue is some case/motherboard combinations just happen to resonate in an unpleasing manner. That may be an issue if it sounds OK out of the case, but then terribly loud when in it. It could also just be plain loud. If you hear it over the fans from several feet away, contact the vendor or Corsair to see about replacement options.

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Refer to my post




The pump on the elite spins at 2300 rpm at the lowest speed.


I requested a firmware update to lower the pump speed(quiet profile). According to Corsair it is not possible but if enough people complain about the noise, Corsair may consider lowering the pump speed. It is way too loud for what they call low noise AIO


Fans are excellent but not the pump. I wish they used Asetek pump instead of coolit pump.


If you read amazon reviews there are fair amount reviews complaining about the noise.


As for me, I removed the elite and installed my previous AIO 150i pro which uses Asetek. Quiet profile spins the pump at 1100 rpm and it is dead silent.

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do you happen to have a pretty noticible humming combined with rattling from the pump? I'm not so sure that I have a faulty unit, but what I do know is that the minimum pump rpm I can set it to is 2250ish, which is freaking a lot. I wonder if this is the way pump was intended or maybe it really is not supposed to be audible despite very high pump rpm. Also my room is pretty quiet jpg to pdf Edited by jeokaleo
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The pump speed range is very deliberately chosen. No one likes loud. No one likes a cooler that can't get fluid through the block and runs hot.


It has to make some noise. It's a mechanical device. However, rattling is something more and generally not what other users are complaining about (specific frequency of the sound). You can double check your mounting (don't over-tighten) or if needed take it off the motherboard and run it from SATA with the 24 pin jumper in place. Most really aggravating rattles start at the pump but are magnified by the motherboard/case in some way. If it rattles in your hand, that is defect and it needs to go back. You also can reach out to Corsair Support through the Ticket System Link in the header above.

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according to corsair. that is the pump speed they intended with 200 rpm increment.


2300 rpm is a lot. if a fan spun at 2300 rpm, it would sound like a jet engine. the pump does not make a jet engine sound when set at 2300 rpm but it is considerably loud because I can hear it even when all of my fans are set at 800 rpm.


A little noise such as humming is expected but rattling is not normal even though some say it is.


everyone has different opinion on noise depending on what they use.


some use fans that are dc(3pin static rpm) based and think type of noise normal


some use pwm (4 pin) and set them up wrong and think unusual noise is normal


if you are one of those that utilize fan controllers and fine tune everything to make your PC near silent, you will hear that pump noise.


As for me, non of my fans spin at low temperatures while browsing or doing office work maintaining temperatures in the low to mid 40s.


another thing i like to mention regarding what C-attack mentioned.


"the pump speed range is very deliberately chosen"


2300 RPM 2500 PRM 2700 PRM for each profile.


I don't think this was deliberately chosen, i think it is a limitation of the pump design.


the range should be wider not by 200 rpm which makes no sense. Do you really think water temp would make any difference with 200 RPM?


it should have been something like 1100-1300 rpm, 2000-2300 rpm and 2500-2800 rpm for each profile.


clearly this is a design limitation for this particular brand of PUMP (Coolit)




EK-AIO(I think it is Asetek Pump. Not sure) : Pump Speed Range: 1000 - 3300 RPM ± 10%

NZXT z73(Asetek Pump) : Pump Motor Speed & Power: 800 – 2,800 + 300 RPM, 12V DC, 0.3A


Doesn't this sound like more appropriate range?


I know Asetek has improved noise with each generation of their pump. this is the reason why asetek pumps can go as low as 1100 rpm and as high as 2800 rpm for H150i Pro(non xt). In my opinion this is the correct design. A customer has a choice to set the pump speed to appropriate level based on what they are doing whether browsing or gaming.


with my H150i pro(non xt, xt uses coolit pump) which uses Asetek pump, I always left it at 1100 RPM even while gaming. My 8700k is overclocked to 5ghz all core and never saw temps going over 67(CPU temp) degrees even with pump spinning at 1100 rpm.


I have owned lots of AIOs over time, and that H150i Pro had the quietest pump spinning at 1100 rpm, inaudible with case closed from 3 to 5 feet away.


I am hoping Corsair would release new version of elite with wider range of pump speed because I love the Capellix leds and I would like to stay in one ecosystem. I really dont like a lot of software like aura, nzxt cam, icue etc.

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