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Void RGB Elite Wireless problem


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Hello there,

i have a problem with my new Voids.

Yesterday I ran out of power (Forgot to charge the battery and I mean at least I didn't get a message that they are running low, doesn't matter)


Then I put it on the cable and that's how it started.

My left auricle is quieter, if I have identified the problem correctly, the biggest box just doesn't work anymore.


A new ICUE installation, update of the headphones and so on did not help.

Does anyone have a solution?

These things are just 2 weeks old..... should have worked a little longer.




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Hi, my son bought the Void Elite RGB in May, off of Amazon, and only recently experienced the buzzing issue. Corsair quickly processed and RMA and sent him a certified refurbished pair, which he received yesterday.


After only a day, this pair has the same issue.


Is there any know solution?



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