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Corsair 465x quick question


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Hi guys, i just ordered the corsair 465x case and the h100i RGB platinum aio cooler and i would like to know if my idea of setup is possible.


I would like to keep the 3 LL120 on the front, installing the h100i RGB on the front pannel and 3 additionnal LL120 fans (2 on the top and one on the rear) while connecting them to a commander pro.


But that leaves me with the 2 ML and i don't really know where to put them. Could i put them on the front pannel on the inside while keeping my LL120 like they are displayed on the case ?



(on this image of the official corsair youtube channel, i think i'm seeing two fans attached to the aio but with no lights on so that means my idea is possible ? )

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