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ICUE not working Corsair 465X


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Hi Guys,


After trying for months I really can't seem to get the iCue fans RGB to color up. The fans give me zero light even after controlling the Corsair 465X node Pro to my motherboards USB 2.0 connector and Sata power.


The software does recognize the unit. But nothing changes. Even when I put the lights setup to 3X LL fans.


Things I tried:

Different SATA cables and PSU cables

Opening as admin

Re-installing iCUE software completely (deleting registry / appData etc)

Re-installing Windows completely


I'm completely at a loss. Can someone please help :[pouts:


On this public cloud I three screenshots. A view of the corsair 465X case (see no colors, apart from a slight blue hint on the middle fan), and a photo of the ICue software settings and node.



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