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Corsair Vengeance RGB dont work with Mystic Light

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I have a problem with my recently ordered Corsair Vengeance RGB PROs.

They dont show up in mystic light.

I reinstalled Mystic Light several times, switched to different versions and installed and uninstalled ICUE a couple of times but nothing worked.


I already wrote the corsair support but the message i got was basically "It should work try to uninstall ICue (which already was uninstalled) or ask msi"

But MSI logically cant help me when a product from corsair doesnt work with their open source software.


Do you guys have any ideas what I could try?

I found nothing on the internet.

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Hi, I was able to get this to work by installing Dragon Center - running it as Admin - restarting - installing iCUE - restarting - verified that the Vengeance RGB ram was now showing in Mystic Light of dragon center .. went back into the iCUE software > Settings > "Enable Full Software Control" - needs to be enabled.


After doing this my vengeance ram is now in sync with everything else.. woooo.

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I'm having the same issue. I did what you did (Install Dragon Center, the ICUE, etc.) ang got it to show up in Dragon Center once, but I can't get it back. Bummer


Same. Exact. Issue. on my end as well.

Got it to show up once following these directions.

The relationship survived a few restarts.

Then on the 4th or so reboot they lost connectivity and the ram disappeared from Dragon Center.

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I feel like this was not an issue with the stock firmware. I wish Corsair was hosting the older firmware versions so we could check. I never had any issues with Mystic Light when I was on stock firmware. Now even if I can sometimes manage to make the rams sync with Mystic Light through iCUE, I'm having issues like flickering, etc.; and the moment I lock my pc the link is broken and does not restore until after some tinkering and a couple of restarts.
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Hey all. I have a similar question/problem. I have an MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus motherboard, Coolermaster Masterair CPU cooler, and Phanteks P600A case. I finally got it all working with Mystic Light last night, only to have it revert back today.


Now, I only see "MB" in my Mystic Light UI. Last night, I had a bunch of stuff showing up there and everything was nicely synced up in terms of lighting.


Hoping someone finds the magic solution to this.


I have tried all that is suggested thus far and can't get the RAM to show back up in Mystic Light.


Thank you in advance.

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